Our services


Our creative minds are here to design a customized event, adapted to your context, your desires and constraints, and your budget.


Thanks to our network of partners, we can take care of all the logistical and technical aspects of your event, whether it is in person or online.


We are here to assemble all the pieces of the puzzle implementing your event, in close collaboration with you and all the actors involved.


Is an event without an audience really an event? We set up a targeted communication campaign to promote your project to your audience and beyond.

Our values

To create innovative events based on dialogue and action, we draw from our DNA these principles that guide our daily work.

We offer creative, out of the box solutions to meet all your needs. We cultivate innovation and add a touch of boldness to make your event the one that everyone will remember.


Our team bends over backwards for you. We remain flexible and attentive to adapt to your needs and specificities, as well as being able to react quickly to the slightest difficulty.


Conferences, debates, webinars, trade shows, celebrations - small or large audiences - whatever your choice, Inventio has the capabilities to create an exceptional event.


We attach great importance to social issues, and seek to make our events ever more respectful of the environment and all living beings.


At Inventio, we seek to work in true collaboration with our clients: we always listen to you and maintain an open dialogue to create the best possible event with you.

Our latests events


The annual gathering for ARES' scholarship recipients.

Académie de Recherche et d’Enseignement Supérieur

ULB (Brussels)

At the annual gathering of ARES for scholarship recipients, the Academy for Research and Higher Education (ARES) decided to address the challenges of decolonization in the context of development cooperation.




Citizens’ Agora on Just Transition

Federal Institute for Sustainable Development (FISD)


As part of the General States on Just Transition, Inventio Events served as the event partner for Particitiz in coordinating, organizing, and facilitating the Citizens' Agora on Just Transition.

Citizens’ Agora



Presentation of ARES' new five-year program of academic and scientific cooperation for development

Académie de recherche et d’enseignement supérieur


To launch its new academic and scientific cooperation program for 2022-2027, the Académie de Recherche et d’Enseignement Supérieur (ARES) organized a festive event for its partners, academics and scholarship holders.

Interactive event

Face to face