Citizens’ Agora on Just Transition

Federal Institute for Sustainable Development (FISD)

As part of the General States on Just Transition, Inventio Events served as the event partner for Particitiz in coordinating, organizing, and facilitating the Citizens' Agora on Just Transition. The Citizens' Agora on Just Transition was commissioned by the Federal Institute for Sustainable Development (FISD).

The aim of the Citizens’ Agora was to place citizens at the centre of deliberation and hear their on-the-ground realities, addressing the question, “What conditions must the ecological transition meet to be just?”. To achieve this, we gathered 65 citizens over 4 weekends in Brussels, Ghent, Charleroi, and Verviers.

In charge of the logistics of this Agora, Inventio Events implemented a personalized mobility plan for participants, allowing each of them to travel in a sustainable manner (train, carpooling, etc.), and arranging accommodation throughout Belgium with over 300 nights booked.

The challenge was also to provide these citizens with conducive working conditions in emblematic locations of past or ongoing transitions. This involved identifying and booking these locations, and we were fortunate to collaborate with Bois du Cazier in Charleroi, the Museum of Industry in Ghent, and Espace 58 in Verviers.

Catering was also managed by us, emphasizing sustainable practices by offering locally sourced, healthy and waste-free options.

Finally, to ensure that debates and discussions could be followed in both languages (French and Dutch), we implemented a sophisticated interpretation technique using whispered translation at discussion tables and conventional interpretation booths during plenary sessions.

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